Monday, March 17, 2014

Derwick brings to a close the construction of its Technological Turbine Center

The Spanish newspaper ABC has shown an interest in our Technological Turbine Center. Here's a summary of the information published last January:

The Technological Turbine Center is the latest project from Derwick Associates with the aim of transforming Venezuela into "a major technology supplier in Latin America", according to a statement from its president, Alejandro Betancourt, for the Spanish newspaper ABC. Thanks to the technology of this new center, the largest of its kind in Latin America, thermoelectric turbines will be able to be sent and repaired locally, without depending on German or U.S. companies, thus bringing costs down for the Venezuelan energy sector as a whole.

The entrepreneur has visited Spain with the intention of investing in the European country in order to import advanced technology into Venezuela. According to Betancourt, "Spain has technology centers in the areas of ​​energy storage and large-scale networks. Spanish technological advancement in these centers is overwhelming."

The purpose of the company is to continue focusing on positioning Venezuela as the leader in the thermoelectric sector on the continent, because it believes that "it is a country that has so much potential. There are opportunities here for all Venezuelans."

The CTT is a clear example of Derwick's commitment to Venezuela. The center is located in the industrial area of Guácara, in the state of Carabobo, and has an area of 31,000 square meters. The main goal of this plan is to respond to the country's need for technical assistance and to improve and speed up repairs of plants and electric turbines in the country. Moreover, it will allow for the training of the best specialists thanks to the company’s experience, and for the spread of the latest technological advancements in the field so that the benefits might reach all regions of the country. The CTT will boost Venezuela's production and technical capacity at an international level, through technical mechanisms such as Alba and Mercosur.

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