Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Derwick adds a course in technical writing within its continuing education program

Derwick Education

Derwick supports its partners in the process of personal and professional growth. To reach this goal we have developed a continuing education program, whose main aims are focused on raising the educational, professional and cultural levels of our collaborators from different work areas within Derwick. Part of these continuing education activities consist of workshops, courses and programs in which various subjects are on offer. While some of these subjects are constantly available, such as learning English as a second language, others are covered by temporary courses whose content changes according to the preferences and personal needs of the participants.

An example is the most recently added writing course. The main purpose is for the participant to acquire the basic tools to improve their writing, expand vocabulary, improve their command of grammar and learn different writing techniques and resources. The first participants successfully completed the course held at Derwick headquarters in Caracas.

Here are some evaluations from two of the course participants

"I am very happy with the English course. Our teacher is very versatile and not only focuses on giving the class based on a book, but also takes into account the requirements of our working environment.

Students differentiate types of accent (American and British) in every class. We got evaluations every 15 days on pronunciation, writing, reading and analysis.

We are currently in the beginning of a new level, so we expect to continue to improve the study of the language".

Vanessa Virguez, Marketing

"The writing course was very productive, just to improve my written communication skills. In every class I could obtain a wide variety of knowledge: writing clear and concise emails, drafts, memos and reports; spelling and tone of communication.

I particularly enjoyed the diversity of topics covered in class and would love to continue to improve different aspects of my written communication. The course helped me to achieve greater development in my workplace, my colleagues and daily communication activity."

Genesis Barreto, Assistant Derwick Foundation

We use these assessments along with the contributions of other participants as well as instructors to continue to improve our program.

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